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8 Tips for Creating a Cozy Home

4 min read

No matter the time of year, sometimes there’s nothing better than curling up in your coziest pajamas and enjoying some time on the couch watching some tv at the end of a long day. If you’re craving a comfortable oasis from which to escape the pressures of your day-to-day life, we’re here to help you create your ideal, restful home with these eight ideas. 

Cozy Home

1. Decorate Your Walls

Whether your style is more neutral or you’re itching to break out your maximalist tendencies, putting some art or mirrors on your walls cultivates the homey vibe you’re wanting. Adding in wall art instantly makes a space more inviting, whether it’s a painting or a series of family portraits. Place them at eye level to draw your guests’ attention in, giving them an instant idea of your personal style. 

2. Incorporate Cozy Lighting

Styling your home how you choose includes light sources, too! You may feel drawn to battery-operated candles or their more traditional counterparts, lanterns or even fairy lights hung up near the ceiling for a playful touch in your home office or children’s rooms. Want more traditional lighting but that same cozy vibe? Use warmer-toned light bulbs to wrap your space in a warm-white light.

3. Add Plenty of Plants

Your plants can be wonderful decorations for your cozy indoor paradise. Plants or fresh flowers in vases add life to your space in a way not much else does. Don’t have much of a green thumb? You can even use fruit as decorations. When you’re putting away your grocery haul, add oranges, apples or other bright fruits to a bowl for display and convenient snacking. 

4. Bring in Texture

Texture can be a game-changer for incorporating warmth and character into your home. Even if you love a neutral color palette, texture can bring complexity in that balances out those calming colors. Wall art, pillows, bedding and window treatments are all prime opportunities for texture inclusion. Want texture that’s practical? A simple woven basket or two to hold toys or extra blankets is a practical but attractive choice. 

5. Pile on Blankets and Pillows

Not only do these add a snug, cozy feel, blankets and pillows are incredibly easy to change out with each season. You can change the look and feel of a room with just these elements alone! Even in the intense heat of a Dallas summer, there’s nothing like curling up under a blanket after a long day (as long as you have the AC turned on). Store those extra pillows and throws in baskets or coffee tables or ottomans with storage inside to keep them near at hand. 

6. Go for a Warm Color Scheme

The colors you’re around on a daily basis can impact your mood. Whether you’re a fan of energizing orange or calming cream, surrounding yourself with warm tones is a simple way of curating coziness in your living space. You may think that warm colors only include saturated tones like reds or oranges, but you’d be surprised. Creams and light browns are just as warm, even as they encompass a more scaled-back, earth-tone color palette. 

7. Layer Your Space with Rugs

If you have hardwood floors, chances are high you want to show them off. However, rugs add instant comfort and charm to any room. Add rugs in to set off different spaces and to border them out, such as under your living room seating arrangement. You can even layer a rug over carpeting to add an extra pop of color or texture to a room. 

8. Use Wood for Warmth

As a material, wood is organic and warm, making it perfect for cozy spaces. You don’t need to include much to if your taste doesn’t run toward rustic or traditional furniture. Even small touches like bookends, wooden vases or on end table legs bring in warmth without compromising on your own tastes. 

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