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4 Things to Know When Replacing Windows on a Brick House

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Whether driven by uncomfortable drafts or a desire for a stylish upgrade, the decision to replace windows on your brick home requires careful consideration. Before diving in, it’s essential to address crucial factors that come into play during a window installation project on this type of home exterior. Let’s get into the 4 factors you should consider below.

4 Things Dallas-Fort Worth Residents Should Know Before Replacing Windows

Brick homes are cherished for their enduring charm, destined to remain stylish for decades. Yet, understanding certain aspects of brick cladding is essential for navigating your window replacement journey. These include: 1) why professional installation is best, 2) what benefits you’ll enjoy from upgrading, 3) what the process of window replacement on brick looks like and 4) when you should install new windows.

1. Installing Windows on a Brick Exterior Is Tougher But Not Impossible

Dealing with brick exteriors can be trickier and less forgiving compared to homes clad in wood or vinyl siding. Bricks are relatively fragile and prone to cracking and crumbling, which can open the door to moisture infiltration and additional structural issues. Achieving a seamless finish and preserving the integrity of your brickwork requires meticulous insulation and expertise in handling these materials.

That’s why it’s best to leave window replacement on brick houses to the professionals. Our experienced installers can handle the job with precision to minimize the risk of damaging the bricks and ensure a successful window replacement without compromising your home’s structural integrity.

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2. Replacing Your Windows Has Stylish and Functional Benefits

Window replacement offers a trifecta of benefits that can significantly elevate your Dallas-Fort Worth home’s overall appeal and functionality. Choosing a window style that complements the exterior design is a surefire way to enhance your curb appeal, giving your brick home an instant facelift. In addition, new, energy-efficient windows can reduce your utility bills by sealing in the warmth during the winter and keeping the intense Texas heat out in the summer, providing a more comfortable indoor environment year-round. Lastly, investing in window replacement can boost your brick home’s value, offering a potentially higher resale price when the time comes to sell.

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3. Window Replacement Doesn’t Mean You’ll Need to Remove Bricks

Fortunately, in most cases, replacing a window in a brick home doesn’t necessitate removing bricks. Instead, the procedure entails delicately extracting the window frame, which might involve some precise cutting and chiseling, and then installing the new window within the existing opening.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that if your brickwork is aged and fragile, there’s an increased likelihood of breakage while removing and installing the window. In such scenarios, using the expertise of a seasoned professional becomes important. Their experience ensures meticulous handling, minimizing the risk of damage and guaranteeing a seamless installation process.

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4. Know the Signs It Is Time to Replace Windows

Recognizing when it’s time to replace your windows is like having a crystal ball for your home’s future. It’s not just about appearances; it’s about ensuring your comfort, improving energy efficiency, and saving money over time.

So, what are these telltale signs? You may feel drafts or experience a spike in your energy bills. In that case, check for visible wear and tear, like rotting frames or condensation between the panes. If you hear more of the outside world than you’d like, it’s probably because your windows have lost their soundproofing magic. And if you’re struggling to open or close them, don’t fight it—that’s another red flag. Listen to your house so you know when it starts dropping hints that a window upgrade is sorely needed. Check out these 10 window replacement signs you should look out for.

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