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Vinyl Siding

Why You Should Replace Your Vinyl Siding This Fall

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home with vinyl siding 1500 seriesWe don’t know about you, but here at Window World of Dallas-Fort Worth-Fort Worth, we’re not even ready to begin thinking about winter. However, it’s just around the corner, and if there are updates you want to make to your home before winter arrives, now is the time to begin thinking about it!

Vinyl Siding Replacement

One project, in particular, that we think is important to start well before winter is vinyl siding replacement. If you’ve been considering replacing your vinyl siding, we suggest doing it as soon as possible. Here’s why:

  1. Cold temperatures are not ideal for vinyl siding replacement.

If you’re considering replacing your vinyl siding, choosing a season with mild temperatures is the best option. We understand that sometimes you don’t have an option, but if you do, this makes the most sense.

  1. You will start saving on your energy bill earlier.

Window World of Dallas-Fort Worth-Fort Worth offers a variety of vinyl siding products, each with some level of energy-efficient options. In fact, our Prodigy® Insulated Wall System is the most advanced vinyl siding on the market, and offers up to 1.5 inches of foam, which wraps your home in a blanket of insulation to ensure that your interior temperatures remain constant.

  1. Your home will be protected from the harsh elements of weather.

Winter often brings strong, cold winds, and sometimes even snow. If your vinyl siding is in bad shape, complete with cracks or damaged areas, the interior of your home may be at risk of damage by moisture or other threatening elements.

  1. It will improve your curb appeal before the holidays.

Expecting holiday visitors? You’ll want your home to be in tip-top condition, right? If your vinyl siding is worn or damaged, you may not make the lasting impression you’re hoping for. Plus, with Window World, you can customize your vinyl siding in functionality, style and color, so that it meets your needs both aesthetically and functionally.

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