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Energy Efficiency

Quality replacement windows from Window World of Dallas-Fort Worth do more than just add curb appeal to your home. They can also provide huge savings on your monthly energy bill and help maintain a comfortable temperature year-round!

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Table of Contents

Understanding Energy Efficiency

The Technology

Science Behind The Savings


green number 1 iconLow-E Glass

Low-E glass is brilliantly engineered to minimize the amount of UV rays and unwanted temperatures into your home.

green number 2 iconWarm-Edge Spacer

Intercept™ warm-edge spacer insulates the exterior edges of a sealed unit and can tack on 5% savings on monthly energy costs.

green number 3 iconVinyl Framing

Vinyl window frames are constructed with a complex array of compartments to help trap and repel unwanted weather.

green number 1 iconInnovative Weatherstripping

Airtight weatherstripping seals the sides, top and bottom frames of your door to prevent air infiltration.

green number 2 iconInsulated Core

Insulated polyurethane core provides an additional thermal barrier.

green number 3 iconSturdy Frames

Composite frames resist rotting, rusting and warping to withstand constant exposure to the elements.

green number 4 iconEnergy-Saving Door Lites

Decorative and ENERGY STAR-compliant door lites that allow light in but keep the elements out.

green number 1 iconInsulated Structure

Built with rigid foam insulation to reduce energy loss and reinforce the siding for smoothness and straight lines.

green number 2 iconEnergy-Saving Barriers

High-density insulation to minimize outdoor noise for a quieter indoor ambiance and loss of wanted heat or air.

green number 3 iconBuilt to Last

Fully rolled over, double-thick nail hem anchors panels to the wall; tested to withstand harsh weather.


Energy Efficient Windows Make A Difference!

With potential energy savings of as much as 35%, Window World Windows with the SolarZone™ Insulated Glass Package is the most energy-efficient product on the market! Massive heating and cooling savings come from improved glass performance. The combination of UV-filtering Low-E glass (LG), insulating argon and the Intercept™ warm-edge spacer system is the perfect energy-efficient package. All combined, this system can reduce the harsh effects the Texas sun can have on your carpets, curtains and furniture, and help sustain comfortable temperatures in your home—no matter the season.

Low energy windows in the winter
In winter, a warmer glass temperature is maintained, increasing the R-value by an additional 104%.
Low energy windows in the summer
In summer, a 48% reduction in solar heat gain helps cut air conditioning costs.

An Inside Look

SolarZone™ Insulated Glass Package

How does Low-E glass (LG) work?

  • Low-E glass filters out long-wave radiation from the sun. This reduces solar heat gain from the sun in the hot Dallas-Fort Worth summers.
  • During the winter months, Low-E glass lets warm solar rays into your home, then keeps the warm air inside, heating your home naturally.

How does the Intercept™ spacer system work?

  • Its one-piece metal alloy, U-channel design creates a thermal barrier to prevent conducted heat loss.
  • The sealed one-piece design improves its ability to retain insulating gas when compared to many conventional designs.

How do Intercept™ spacers add to room comfort?

  • They keep the edges of the window glass warmer so your home maintains a consistent temperature during the winter.
    The temperature difference between the edge of an insulating glass unit with an ordinary spacer and one with an Intercept™ spacer system can be substantial.

How do Intercept™ spacers help windows to last longer?

  • LG units expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate.
  • In typical insulating glass units, the sealant holding the unit together bears the brunt of this flexing and can cause seal failure and insulating gas loss and leaks over time.
  • In an Intercept™ LG unit, the spacer flexes instead of the sealant so it resists spacer movement and premature sealant failure, making this an exceptional investment.

What difference does Low-E glass make?

When comparing the two thermography images, the difference is obvious. The window on the left is a clear insulated glass unit. The heat transmittance, indicated by the green, yellow and orange colors from the heat scale, is far inferior to that of the window containing the Solarban® 60 Low-E insulated glass unit (right).

Thermography of window comparing standard clear insulating glass vs. Solarban® 60 insulating glass

Climate Requirements

Interested in Becoming ENERGY STAR® Certified?

ENERGY STAR is a government-sanctioned symbol for energy efficiency, credibility, sustainability and cost-savings for the consumer. Browse below to explore what’s required to become ENERGY STAR-certified and what it looks like in your region of the country.

Your Climate

U-Factor Requirements

U-Factor measures the rate at which heat flows through an object. The lower your U-value, the less heat your windows allow through them.

  • Northern: ≤ .27
  • North-Central: ≤ .30
  • South-Central: ≤ .30
  • Southern: ≤ .40

R-Value Requirements

R-Value determines how well the insulation inside your window is performing. The higher your R-value, the better insulated your window is.

  • Northern: 13 – 21
  • North-Central: 13 – 21
  • South-Central: 13 – 21
  • Southern: 13 – 21

Why You Need A High-Performing Insulated Product

Window World of Dallas-Fort Worth is located in ENERGY STAR’s South-Central Climate category. To maintain certification here, our windows and doors must maintain a U-Value of ≤ .30 and an R-Factor from 13 to 21.

Glossary Of Terms

Energy Efficiency Terms You Need To Know

Low-E Glass

Low-E glass is a type of glass that has been treated with a microscopic, metallic coating designed to filter certain types of light into your home. The glass blocks heat gain from the sun’s reflected rays in warmer months and allows warmth from the sun’s shorter rays to flow into your home during cooler seasons.

Our UV-filtering Low-E glass (LG) can improve the energy performance of your window over the course of a year by 24%, when compared to a standard glass unit.

Warm-Edge Spacer System

Our Intercept™ warm-edge spacer system is a new-age technology used to extend the shelf-life of window glass by reducing condensation build-up and edge-to-glass temperatures. Designed to seal in escaping heat, this spacer system is the most effective of its kind.

The Intercept™ warm-edge spacer system can add another 5% in energy efficiency and savings.

Argon Gas

Argon is a colorless, odorless and nonreactive insulating property with extremely high density and extremely low thermal conductivity, making it an ideal agent for year-round comfort.

Argon gas filling, a superior insulator to normal air, can increase the efficiency by up to 6%.

Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency should be on the minds of every Texas homeowner. At Window World of Dallas-Fort Worth, we combine Low-E and standard insulating glass to better block the outside temperature from coming inside your home. This innovative design keeps you and your family comfortable all year while lowering your energy bills month after month. Learn more by watching the video to the left and start enjoying the many benefits of our energy-efficient windows by scheduling a free in-home estimate today!

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