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Window Energy Efficiency: The 3 Key Players For Your Dallas-Fort Worth Home

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Wondering how to save energy (and money) at home? Windows cause an average of 25%-30% of total energy loss, so having higher-performing ones is key. Fortunately, there are three different window technologies designed to help. Let’s cover what they are and how they can boost your home’s comfort, cost-savings and sustainability.

The Importance of Energy-Efficient Windows

Inefficient windows can cause energy losses that make it expensive to keep a home comfortable, but that’s just the start. From bringing in harmful UV rays and drafts to increasing carbon emissions, inefficient windows hold a home back. On the other hand, energy-efficient windows—made with quality technologies that extend their lifespan and boost glass performance—can improve insulation, cut costs and much more.

Understanding the Three Key Window Technologies

These window features conserve energy in different but equally important ways. Together, they form our SolarZone™ insulated glass package, which helps Dallas-Fort Worth homes reach a U-Factor (i.e., heat flow level) of ≤ .30, become ENERGY STAR® certified and save money.

Warm-Edge Spacer Systems

A warm-edge spacer system insulates the exterior edges of a window, minimizing energy loss and condensation. Window World’s Intercept™warm-edge spacers are one-piece metal alloys with U-channel designs. This creates a strong thermal barrier that can extend the glass’s life compared to a conventional design.

High-Performance Low-E Coatings

A Low-E, or low-emissivity, coating is an unseeable metallic layer added to glass. In warmer months, Low-E glass helps prevent heat from entering the home; in colder months, it helps keep heat inside, maintaining a comfortable interior temperature. Throughout the year, Low-E glass also minimizes harmful UV rays without limiting natural light. Low-E glass even expands and contracts with temperature changes, helping to preserve its quality. Window World’s Low-E glass helps improve the energy performance of our windows by 24%.

Argon Gas: An Insulating Agent

Argon gas is a colorless, odorless insulating property that goes between window panes. Compared to using air in between window panes, it offers 6% greater insulation efficiency. All of our window types—whether double or triple pane—use argon gas to prevent warm air from rising near windows, which is a major cause of drafts and cold spots.

Benefits of Incorporating These Window Technologies

Between all of these technologies, you can reduce energy consumption and make noticeable improvements to your home.

Improved Savings

Enhanced Comfort

Increased Environmental Sustainability

Create Your Energy-Efficient Home With Window World of Dallas-Fort Worth

Energy-efficient windows can be your gateway to new levels of comfort, savings and more. With Window World, you know you’re getting a proven product made with your best interests in mind. Thanks to the home improvements they offer, they’ll pay for themselves time and time again. Learn how energy-efficient windows can work with your home by scheduling your free estimate.