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Home Improvement

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall

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Is Your Dallas Home Ready for Fall?

home with fall trees in yardIt may be hard to believe, but fall is just around the corner. Though it seems like summer was gone in a flash, here at Window World of Dallas-Fort Worth we’re excited for milder temperatures, fewer storms and beautiful colors.

As Dallas-Fort Worth residents who are used to stormy springs and hot summers, we’re somewhat partial to fall. There is no season quite as ideal for spending time outside and getting projects done around the house. In fact, as home improvement professionals we think it’s the perfect time to finally get around to everything you’ve been putting off. Fall is a season for renewal, so why not renew your home with a few fall home improvement projects that will make a huge difference?

5 Home Improvement Projects That are Perfect for Fall

Install energy-efficient windows.

If your home is still not equipped with energy-efficient windows, now is the perfect time to install them. Energy-efficient windows are ideal for keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which is why it’s a great idea to go ahead and have them installed before winter comes and temperatures drop. Not to mention, they will be put to work again in the summer, helping you to save big on your energy costs!

Check and clean your gutters.

Are your gutters cleared and properly prepared for the influx of leaves that are sure to fall this autumn? With temperatures cooling off a bit, there is no time like the present to get up there and check the state of your gutters. Ensure that they’re unclogged and ready to go. If they’re not cleared they may not function properly, which could result in moisture damage to your home.

Check the sealing of windows and doors.

Are your windows and doors in good condition? If there are cracks in your sealant, or in your actual door, your home may be prone to unwanted temperature changes. Not to mention, if you have been considering updates to non-functioning windows and doors, fall is a great time to do it! You will not face extreme cold or hot temperatures in the transition and your home will be in tip-top condition for holiday visitors.

Replace your vinyl siding.

Is your vinyl siding outdated or in poor condition? Fall is the ideal time to replace it thanks to mild temperatures. Extreme temperatures can cause your vinyl to crack, warp or become misshapen. Installing vinyl siding in fall or spring will help ensure that it is properly installed and in the best shape to protect your home.

Reverse your ceiling fan.

This may seem like a small thing, but reversing the direction of your ceiling fan in the fall can prepare your home for the colder temperatures that are sure to come with winter. You should set your ceiling fan to rotate clockwise in the fall, as this will redistribute warm air and make your home feel warmer. Making this small update can help you save money on your energy costs throughout the winter, just be sure to reset it to spin counter clockwise by summer.

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