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Home Improvement

8 Places Around the House You May Forget to Clean

3 min read

You likely already complete routine tasks or follow a cleaning schedule to maintain a healthy and clean home, but there are hidden areas all around your home that need attention, too. The next time you’re in the mood for a cleaning or home repair binge, show these eight places some love in your Dallas-Fort Worth home.

1. Overhead Fans and Light Fixtures

Dust and grime build-up can be out of sight and out of mind on ceiling fans and light fixtures above eye level. To promote better indoor air quality, grab a steady chair or step ladder to reach the blades and fixtures. If you have taller ceilings, there are tools available to make cleaning your fan simple—look for telescoping extension poles when you’re shopping. Since dust can fall to the ground as you clean your fan, vacuum the floor below when you’re finished.

2. Air Vents and Ducts

If your home has central heating and air, the vents and ducts should be cleaned to prevent dust and other allergen particles from blowing back into your living spaces. Filters should be changed or cleaned regularly to prevent buildup. While you’re changing your filters, don’t forget to wipe down the vent grates as well. This will prevent dust on your furniture and help your family breathe easier.

For a deeper clean, professional duct cleaning services do the dirty work for you. This will keep your ductwork in good working order longer and maximize indoor air quality.

3. Behind Appliances

You may remember to wipe down the outside of your appliances, and many come standard with self-cleaning functions for the inside. But behind and underneath large appliances lies a graveyard of crumbs, dust and other debris. Some refrigerators are on rollers that make it easier than you think to move, but you may need some assistance for stoves, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers to scoot them out.

Don’t leave out smaller appliances, too! Toasters and coffee makers also need cleaning to prevent pests and remove crumbs and stains that may be impacting the quality of your food and drink.

4. Baseboards

Baseboards often come into contact with shoes, furniture, dust and spills, so occasionally wiping them down could help you have a cleaner home and improve its overall look. In rooms with more humidity, like kitchens and bathrooms, you may need to use a damp cloth to remove dust that sticks tough to the baseboards when mixed with moisture. Don’t forget to open your windows as needed to keep humidity down—this will make cleaning easier later.

5. Inside Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers

If you take everything out of your kitchen drawers and cabinets, you’d be amazed by the hidden crumbs and spills that have accumulated over time. Cleaning these up helps maintain a hygienic kitchen environment and presents the perfect time to reorganize the tupperware drawer and spice cabinet.

6. Light Switches and Doorknobs

Light switches and doorknobs get used every day but are often overlooked during routine cleaning. A quick pass with an antibacterial wipe prevents the spread of germs in your home, keeping your family and guests healthier. If you’re in a hurry, prioritize high-traffic doors and lightswitches throughout your home. 

living room with replacement windows

7. Under Furniture and Area Rugs

Mopping and vacuuming floors is hard to forget, but you may not notice the dust bunnies hiding under your larger furniture items. For heavier furniture, bring in a helping hand or two to move pieces around safely. Dirt and dust can weasel their way under your area rugs too, so vacuuming under the edges of those will lead to a cleaner and healthier living environment.

8. Inside Trash Bins and Recycling Bins

Taking out trash bags doesn’t always remove unpleasant odors in kitchens and bathrooms. Leftover food creates lingering smells and attracts pests. Thoroughly scrub the outside and inside of the bin, rinse it out with a hose and spray with a disinfectant to keep your trash and recycling bins sanitary and smelling fresh.

Create a Cleaner & Healthier Dallas-Fort Worth Home

The home improvement experts at Window World of Dallas-Fort Worth encourage you to reward your home by incorporating these tasks into your regular cleaning routine. Paying a little extra attention to these hidden spaces creates a fresher, cozier and healthier environment for you and your family.